Tasty Ice Cream Products, including Your Favorite Animated Character Ice Creams

From ice cream trucks to grocery stores, kids come running for Blue Bunny ice cream products. Popo's Ice Cream LLC in Dudley, North Carolina, is the local distributor of all Blue Bunny ice cream products, including the very popular character ice cream.


Our inventory features:

• Bomb Pops, $1.50-Small, $2.00-Large
• Lucas Mango & Lemon, $2.00
• Big Dipper Ice Cream Cones, $2.00.
• Ice Cream Bars, $2.00
• Fruit Bars, $1.50

• Character Ice Cream, $2.00
• Snow Cones, $2.00
• Ice Cream Sandwiches
• 3.5oz. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bar Flavors:

• Sundae Crunch
• Chocolate
• Cookies 'N' Cream
• Strawberry
• Vanilla
• Orange Dream
• Cotton Candy
• Sour Cherry
• Bubble Gum
• Sour Power
• Fudge
• Watermelon Swirl

Ice Cream Sandwich Flavors:

• Neapolitan • Chips Galore • Cookies 'N' Cream • Big Vanilla • Big Double Strawberry • Big Mississippi Mud

FREE Cooler Offer!
As a special offer to our grocery and convenience store clients, we are offering a free ice cream cooler to house our product. Not only do you get great tasting ice cream products to sell, you don't have to spend money on additional storage space.


Contact us to take advantage of our wholesale prices for Blue Bunny ice cream products.